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Our History

TessilBusto - Tessuti per Materassi

Tessilbusto - Our History

We have been working in the mattress-ticking sector since 1974, when Franco Pigni started his damask fabric business for woollen mattresses.

Over the years that followed, the business grew, giving rise to Tessilbusto in 1986, which began to produce its own fabrics, operating as a “converter”.

Franco’s sons Riccardo and Piero also joined the company, and production expanded to include all kinds of fabrics for mattresses as well as mattress covers and cushion covers.

In 2001, a calender for fabrics was installed in order to improve quality and speed up delivery times.

The next step came in 2010 with the creation of a new factory for weaving, whose management is entrusted to Massimiliano, a valid assistant with experience in various textile fields.

With this modern company structure we can now meet our clients’ needs quickly and flexibly, developing with them the fabric most suited to their needs in terms of appearance (wide range of patterns and colours which can also be customised with company logos/trademarks) as well as in terms of fabric composition (wide range of yarns and finishes selected by leading producers).


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